We are a car engineering company based in Reading, Berkshire. When reconstructing a vintage or authentic motorbike or car, ultimately issues are encountered which need engineered solutions. We combine the expertise and the resources to assist you with most issues you will encounter. I am capable of producing precision components to replace tired or damaged ones, and can craft disused parts in the first finish, or in stainless steel if necessary. Iíd be content to quote you for any engineering assistance.

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Welcome to ultramotors

We also provide the finest fully insulated storage for your vintage car, with the choice of individually designed covers, battery conditioners and exercising regimes as well as servicing and MOT options available - please talk to Andrew directly to chat about how this secure facility might best assist you, whether you own simply one or twenty cars we can make sure that your vehicle is always in top condition and set to use and enjoy.

We offer a range of storage options, on top of transportation across the UK, and services which keep your car in the very best condition. Owned by car fans, our archive understands the connection people have with their vehicles and are therefore able to offer tailored maintenance and care programs which match the needs of everyone.

Anyone who has owned a vintage car will be very aware of the different characteristics from one vehicle to the next – no two vehicles need the same sort of care, thus at our archive we can design the car maintenance programmes to match each customer’s needs if required. In the storage part of this site you can look at our recommendations, referencing the lowest level of care we would suggest for any car old or new.

We also offer a broad range of chauffeur-driven classic cars for television and film as well as for special occasions.

Our archive comprises of several models, spanning from vintage, classic and modern cars to trucks, motorcycles, US, custom cars, military and emergency, even buses, cabs, coaches and commercial vehicles.

We offer a vehicle location service particularly for film and television purposes and press productions and pride ourselves in offering a reliable and professional service.

Fixing cars is our business come and visit our Reading Garage for same day MOTs and servicing

If you want us to sell your car on commission it can be included in our sibling website "Counting Cars" and it is made to be visible to a big number of clients. We also buy cars and focus on prestige and unusual brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, MGF, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, and Audi although all brands will be considered. Trade enquiries are also always welcome. Take advantage of our resources to underwrite or acquire desirable stock for your customerís base.

We are a privately-owned motor group based in Reading, Berkshire. We are a licensed dealer for several brands and a service centre for cars. We hold a large range of both new and previously owned cars...